European Straw Bale Association

Straw Building is one of the most sustainable, ecological, healthy and environment-friendly ways to build energy-saving Straw Bale Houses without waste.

STEP Straw Bale Training for European Professionals

Within the projects STEP Leonardo and BuildStrawPro, the basis for mutual recognition of assessments in straw bale building in various European countries was worked out. The "intellectual outcome" is a "memorandum of understanding" between the partners involved, and – in the context of dissemination – other European organizations, which are active in the qualification area. Primary beneficiaries of

ECVET Earth Building

… for builders … for learners … for contractors and employers … for trainers and teachers … for training providers at any level … for certifying bodies … If I say “rammed earth” or “cob” or “adobe”, do you know what I’m talking about?  Yes? Great, then welcome aboard: Come and discover how a “Continuer la lecture de Earth within reach”

Natural Homes

We take you on a journey through the most beautiful natural homes in the world sharing natural building and natural living skills and inspiration.

The Womens Natural Building Collective

We are a collective of women natural builders based in Southern Portugal. The organisation was founded by Natural Builder and Permaculturist Lola Byron in 2020. Lola’s dream is to create a platform for women natural builders to feel empowered, supported and capable to build anything they dream of. 


There are many ways to do all these building methods and people who specialize in them. This is just to show the difference between some of the methods and how little difference there is in the mix.