We Are All Made Out Of Mud (WaaMooM) is a 3-year long Erasmus+ Capacity building project which involves 10 organizations from the Western Balkan region (Albania, Kosovo, Bosnia and Herzegovina,  Montenegro) and program countries (Croatia, France, Slovenia, Turkey, Serbia). The main topic of the project is natural building (eco-building) as an innovative approach to social cohesion and inclusion, development and youth empowerment. The approach is based on natural building techniques and different ways for engagement and learning through this practice. It also combines youth work, volunteering aspects and already existing tools and methods for inclusion and development of skills, knowledge and attitudes. 

The project included the following activities:

  1. Preparation meeting (Slovenia, September 2021)
  2. Training course for organizing YEs, workcamps, group ESC and similar international groups on natural building (Kosovo, October 2021)
  3. Youth exchange on natural building with the focus on gender equity (Kosovo, May 2022)
  4. Volunteering activities (Kosovo, January 2021- December 2021)
  5. Study visit (Kosovo-Croatia, March 2022)
  6. Midterm evaluation meeting (Albania, November 2022)
  7. Training course on ESC with natural building – (Kosovo, May 2023)
  8. Youth exchange on natural building with the focus on social inclusion (Kosovo, September 2023)
  9. Local dissemination actions in Albania, Serbia, Turkey and Kosovo.
  10. Final conference (Serbia, September 2023)
  11. Evaluation & Follow up (Serbia, November 2023)